Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Deep Snow on New Year's Day

Hoorah, the trails are next to perfect right now! Some, but not all, have been tracked out by skiers and snowshoers. There's plenty of unbroken snow on the lesser used trails. In many places snowshoers and skiers have made individual tracks, which helps. No snowmobile use here at all.

Anywhere between 18" and 24" is in the woods today and it is fresh and so nice. The latest snow last night dropped a few inches of higher moisture content snow on the powder base, but without splitting hairs the snow is the best today in two years.

Arrived around 2:30pm. 35 degrees. I skied the Roadside all the way to the east gate and then turned into the forest. I had tracks ahead of me all the way. It was kick and glide heaven down a broken trail, with snow hanging in the trees and the sun low in the sky and throwing a warm glow through the tree tops. I skied the length of South Loop road and then connected with the C-Connector Trail and skied that almost to Big Bowl. I turned here and doubled back on the tracks to D-Spur and nearly skied out to Rte 29. I decided to do a bit more climbing and skied up the Camp Road trail and boy does that trail climb very steeply, then descends back toward Rte 29. Exited about 4:30pm, last car in the lot with the sun having set and a pink "alpenglow" just clipping the tree tops. Just in time to get back in my vehicle with my 20oz. tea still warm in my insulated mug. There's a good day.

Fischer Snowbound Outabounds  88/68/78
Three pins and leathers
Temperatures were nice for a thick wool sweater over a long sleeve base layer.