Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Swix Wax Guide

V05 Polar 45gAs the name indicates, this is hardwax made for the coldest conditions. Frequently used in the polar regions of Europe and North America.New fallen snow-12° /-25°C
10 ° / -12°F
Transformed fine grained snow-15° /-30°C
5° / -22°F
V20 Green 45gThe well known cold snow wax, used for more than 50 years, has been modernized several times with new components.New fallen snow-8° / -15°C
18 °/ 5°F
Transformed fine grained snow-10° / -18°C
12 ° / 0°F
V30 Blue 45gAnother truly classic Swix wax. To be used on moderate cold snow when skiing is at its best.New fallen snow-2° / -10°C
28° / 14°F
Transformed fine grained snow-5° / -15°C
23° / 5°F
V40 Blue Extra 45gThe most popular V-wax. A very flexible and versatile wax covering a large temperature range on the cold side of freezing. To be utilized close to 0°C, demands relatively new snow and low air humidity (below 45-50%).New fallen snow-1° / -7°C
30° / 19°F
Transformed fine grained snow-3° / -10°C
27 ° / 12°F
V45 Violet Special 45gAlso a very frequently used wax, both in racing and touring. When Blue Extra somewhat slippery, a thin layer of Violet Special probably is the right wax. New Fallen snow0° / -3°C
32° / 27°F
Transformed fine grain snow-2° / -6°C
28 ° / 21°F
V50 Violet 45gFor many years a secret weapon in the wax-box of World Cup Servicemen. To be used when the snow is in a stage going from cold to wet, around freezing (32°F).New fallen snow0°C
Transformed fine grained snow-1° / -3°C
30° / 27°F
V55 Red Special 45gFor moist, new snow, but might go into some colder snow without icing. New formula.New fallen snow +1° / 0°C
34° / 32°F
Transformed fine grained snow0° / -2°C
32° / 28°F
V60 Red/Silver 45gFor moist to wet new snow, when making snowballs is very easy. Apply thicker the warmer it is to secure grip. New formula.New fallen snow 0° / +3°C
32° / 38°F
Transformed fine grained snow+1° / -1°C
34° / 30°F