Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Sunday, February 5, 2017

North Side Exploration and Loop

Did a little exploring on the North Side Trails. Went in on North Loop Road from Rte 29 and skied it all the way to the bend where the trail heads toward Rockwood Lake. Instead I bushwhacked straight ahead and found the trail that is growing in from lack of use all the way the northern property boundary of the state forest. This place needs a chainsaw! I ended up in someone's backyard, a yellow house. Somewhere here there is supposed to be a way to ski west to the reservior to do a big loop.  I couldn't find anything going west. I skied back to the B-Road  trail and skied it east to Rte 10, skied to Rte 29, walked gingerly across Rte 29 and then skied the Forest Edge Trail all the way back to the parking area. A three hour tour with a lot of exploring. Snow is in great shape with a heavy duty base and 4" of powder over the top of it. All of the trees laying on the forest floor are covered now.

I skied my Fischer Outtabounds for the extra floatation on these untracked trails. Only the main trail was broken out by a snowmobile. All side trails were untracked. The 88/68/78 are noticably slower than my Glittertinds that I've been skiing lately.