Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome Spring

Maybe there's a few patches of wet corn snow in the trails in the shade, but truthfully skiing and snowshoeing are over at Rockwood. So early this year.

I heard some talk at the last Foothills ADK Chapter meeting of doing trail maintenance in Rockwood as part of this year's National Trails Day, June 2. That would be welcome, fairly easy due to vehicular access, and a good investment based on how many people use the state forest.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Melting Fast

Yesterday, 8" of wet corn snow in the woods and the same on the trails for the most part. The drawback is dirty, icy sections that have developed under conifers, where the snow is often thin. In some places you can ski or walk around the ice; other patches are downright difficult, such as on hills.

Anywhere the tree cover is hardwoods there is decent skiing. The snow is soft, wet corn. I could punch my poles a few inches through it; it won't last long. On the bright side,--no matter the post-holing of some trails,--it's now soft enough to plow right through.

I skied the Forest Edge east to D-East Rd. and took that south to Camp Road Trail. Took that west to D-Spur and then skied Spring Rd. to Big Bowl, which has 10" of clean, nice corn. I started back via the C-Connector Valley Trail and skied across the forest on South Loop Rd, turned north on D-East and had to climb two bare slopes on that trail before getting out to the Forest Edge. I skied the Forest Edge back to the vehicle, getting in a few telemark turns on the downhill before the parking lot.

Myself and two other guys on skis crossed paths. They seemed to be making the most of what is left of winter in Rockwood.

Air temp: low 60's. 4:30pm-6:30pm
Skis: Black Diamond Polar Star's w/ 3 pin bindings, plenty of Swix Red/Silver kick wax for the wet snow.
Just a shirt and nylon running pants

Monday, March 12, 2012

Die-Hard Season

Sunday's warmth melted back the 2-3" of new snow from Friday night. Coverage is a layer of damp snow on top of a good firm base, with some ice in a few places.

D-Spur Road was heavily used by skiers, snowshoers, walkers, and pets over the weekend, but the side trails are in fine shape. There's at least 10" in the woods, but some trails are thinning, and there's some icy patches under overhanging conifers. The greater percentage of trails were nice and white and easy skiing on soft snow, a little wet, with a firm base.

I skied D-Spur to Spring Road to C-Connecter Rd., and shot down into Big Bowl with clean snow and singular ski tracks through the bowl. The C-Connector Valley Trail was untracked, so I had to try that. There's a few trees across the trail, but it's a fun run through the valley, which is really another little bowl. I took South Loop Road across the forest to D-East Road and out to Rte 29. The hills toward the end of D-East are thinning. Out by Rte 29, I skied the Forest Edge,--which was really good,---back to the parking lot.

Change is coming with this week's warmth. Trails should be okay for a few days. Avoid D-Spur as much as possible.

Air temp: 55 degrees. 4:30-6:00pm
Skis: Fischer Outtabounds (88-68-78), 3-pin set up. Too wide of a ski for mushy snow, but that's what I had on me when I decided to do my tour. Swix Red/Silver kick wax, smeared on tip to tail, for kick on the wet snow.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Yesterday's rain must have knocked down a lot of coverage. Without first hand info, I'd assume there is something left of the 12" I saw Wednesday. 1" forecasted for tonight.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Don't Forget the North Side

I saw a coyote as I pulled into the parking lot at Rockwood yesterday. It was on the south side of Rte 29. Maybe that's why I decided to ski the north side of the state forest. I went in via North Loop Road and skied some good rolling hills to the gate. At the gate, you can follow the trail down to Rockwood Lake. I saw open water on the inlet side of the lake. I'd like to find a route from the east end of the lake back to North Loop Road. Will have to explore that connection next time.

I was breaking through 4" of soft, old snow, due to the warmth. There's probably 12" total, plenty of coverage on the trails and just enough in the woods. I came across ski tracks after the B-Road intersection. Skiing in the tracks was easier, except the tails of my BD skis kept dragging in the soft tracks and throwing the tips of my skis outward during my forward stride. Otherwise, no one has been using the north side.

Air temp was 50+ degrees. I used Swix Red/Silver kick wax to get some grip, even though both pairs of skis I used are considered waxless,--one with a sintered (porous) base that can be waxed, the other extruded. For the most part, smearing Red/Silver on both the glide and kick zones,--thin and evenly, not globs,--worked. I probably lost some glide, but I climbed the hills with decent grip.

Skis: Black Diamond Polar Star, 3-pin set up
        Tried out a pair of rock skis I put together; old Alpina Tundra, 3-pin set up

Just a light sweater, 4pm to 6pm. Need to bring a fanny pack with a bottle of water.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Storm Totals

Something to keep in mind, the plows may be too busy on the roads to plow the parking lot at Rockwood just yet.

   CAROGA LAKE           10.0   457 PM  3/01  WEATHERNET6
   FISHHOUSE                 9.0   503 PM  3/01  WEATHERNET6
   PERTH                           9.0   449 PM  3/01  WEATHERNET6

   WELLS                         12.7   527 PM  3/01  WEATHERNET6
   INDIAN LAKE            9.5   528 PM  3/01  WEATHERNET6
   INLET                           6.5   838 PM  3/01  SPOTTER
   LAKE PLEASANT        3.9   700 PM  3/01  TRAINED SPOTTER

   FONDA                       13.4   629 PM  3/01  WEATHERNET6
   HESSVILLE                10.0   507 PM  3/01  WEATHERNET6
   AMSTERDAM              7.2   506 PM  3/01  WEATHERNET6

The trees are decked out...and more on the way

Something to keep in mind, the plows may be too busy on the roads to plow the parking lot at Rockwood just yet.

...FULTON COUNTY... Inches
   JOHNSTOWN              8.0   524 AM  3/01  WEATHERNET6
   GLOVERSVILLE          7.0   527 AM  3/01  WEATHERNET6
   PERTH                          7.0   553 AM  3/01  WEATHERNET6
   FISHHOUSE                 6.0   524 AM  3/01  WEATHERNET6
   CAROGA LAKE           5.8   434 AM  3/01  WEATHERNET6