Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Die-Hard Season

Sunday's warmth melted back the 2-3" of new snow from Friday night. Coverage is a layer of damp snow on top of a good firm base, with some ice in a few places.

D-Spur Road was heavily used by skiers, snowshoers, walkers, and pets over the weekend, but the side trails are in fine shape. There's at least 10" in the woods, but some trails are thinning, and there's some icy patches under overhanging conifers. The greater percentage of trails were nice and white and easy skiing on soft snow, a little wet, with a firm base.

I skied D-Spur to Spring Road to C-Connecter Rd., and shot down into Big Bowl with clean snow and singular ski tracks through the bowl. The C-Connector Valley Trail was untracked, so I had to try that. There's a few trees across the trail, but it's a fun run through the valley, which is really another little bowl. I took South Loop Road across the forest to D-East Road and out to Rte 29. The hills toward the end of D-East are thinning. Out by Rte 29, I skied the Forest Edge,--which was really good,---back to the parking lot.

Change is coming with this week's warmth. Trails should be okay for a few days. Avoid D-Spur as much as possible.

Air temp: 55 degrees. 4:30-6:00pm
Skis: Fischer Outtabounds (88-68-78), 3-pin set up. Too wide of a ski for mushy snow, but that's what I had on me when I decided to do my tour. Swix Red/Silver kick wax, smeared on tip to tail, for kick on the wet snow.

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