Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Don't Forget the North Side

I saw a coyote as I pulled into the parking lot at Rockwood yesterday. It was on the south side of Rte 29. Maybe that's why I decided to ski the north side of the state forest. I went in via North Loop Road and skied some good rolling hills to the gate. At the gate, you can follow the trail down to Rockwood Lake. I saw open water on the inlet side of the lake. I'd like to find a route from the east end of the lake back to North Loop Road. Will have to explore that connection next time.

I was breaking through 4" of soft, old snow, due to the warmth. There's probably 12" total, plenty of coverage on the trails and just enough in the woods. I came across ski tracks after the B-Road intersection. Skiing in the tracks was easier, except the tails of my BD skis kept dragging in the soft tracks and throwing the tips of my skis outward during my forward stride. Otherwise, no one has been using the north side.

Air temp was 50+ degrees. I used Swix Red/Silver kick wax to get some grip, even though both pairs of skis I used are considered waxless,--one with a sintered (porous) base that can be waxed, the other extruded. For the most part, smearing Red/Silver on both the glide and kick zones,--thin and evenly, not globs,--worked. I probably lost some glide, but I climbed the hills with decent grip.

Skis: Black Diamond Polar Star, 3-pin set up
        Tried out a pair of rock skis I put together; old Alpina Tundra, 3-pin set up

Just a light sweater, 4pm to 6pm. Need to bring a fanny pack with a bottle of water.

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