Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Breaking Trail

Swung into Rockwood, (well not exactly since the parking lot wasn't plowed), around 1pm. I parked along the road. We received a good 12" of fine grained snow, pretty lofty and staying that way with the cold temps, over Saturday night. I had to wonder who else was turned away from snowshoeing or skiing Rockwood due to the parking lot being inaccessible. I parked along the road. I figured I'd let the plow know where to go next ;) So I broke trail all the way to the Shorty Cut-Off trail, then skied the Ridge trail for the first time. If anyone followed my tracks later, they would see the Ridge trail is pure fun. If you're on the Shorty Trail (Southwest Map), you might start along the ridge from where the Shorty crests the top of the ridge, but I skied down the Shorty toward Big Bowl and then picked up the Ridge Trail at the bottom. It was a challenging climb to the ridge while breaking trail at the same time. After skiing the ridge east, I descended to the main trail and came out right where the old gate and sign stand in the woods, which is an old town marker of some sort. It was a nice loop. On the way out, I skied the Camp Road Trail to the chimney and then did the loop back to the main trail. A few chickadees and woodpeckers keeping me company in the woods. Was out about two hours. Skied my Fischer Snowbounds with three pins on them this year. Nice day, 21 degrees. All the trail are clear in Rockwood as far as I see it. Thank you to whomever cleared them of downed trees.

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  1. Great conditions, especially before the holidays.