Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Northside Trails

Yesterday, I was able to ski from 4 til 5:30pm on the north side of Rte 29 at Rockwood. What a blast. The snow is just perfect, cold, and fast. I skied most of the trails east of the gated North Loop road going in. There's a bunch of trails on the Northeast map that are just as wide open as the trails on the south side of Rte 29, except less-traveled. Other than North Loop road and B Road., I was laying down first tracks. The snow is just so quick and sounds like fingers on silk under the skis.

Someone has flagged the entire B Road. with orange flagging tape. And then I skied north to the old Wilderness Center. From there I got on the blue-flagged trail that heads southwest and after a nice long run on that it brought me back to B Road. Sweet. I tooled around on some other trails until dusk.

About 15 degrees but no wind, so I was just in bibs and a thick sweater and watch cap. Skied a pair of Karhu XCD GT's (62-54-59) which my friend Mark gave me recently, with Rottefella Tele 3 pin bindings. With green wax, it was just speed and the flats were effortless, the downhills silky fast.

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