Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Friday, March 11, 2011

New Snow on Monday March 7

Rockwood saw 12" of new packing snow, and while the good effects are obvious, the bad effect is the trees are heavily laden with snow and arching across even the widest trails. It was difficult to go 50 yards without having to pick my way through or around a veil of snowbound trees in the trail. It looks like the biggest offenders are the moosewood (striped maple) trees, those with the smooth green bark. I saw 6" diameter moosewood trees arched completely across the trails. Seems like those trees are supple.

Conditions were supreme, though. It was like skiing in a snow globe. It was difficult to get perspective on things with everything in sight laden with heavy fresh snow. I broke trail the whole way. A nice ski after work with a pink and gray alpenglow sky at dusk.

Snow: 30 inches, 12" new layer of packing snow
Skis: Fischer Snowbound Crown 77/61/71
Boots: Fischer BCX6
Arrived: 5pm
Out: 6:30pm
Air Temp:   28


  1. Hoping the snow has stayed in shape after the rain for some skiing this weekend--Liz

  2. Nice site Paul. Wish I would have known about these trails after the first snow fall. Have been wanting to try out the use x-ski's I got some time ago but didn't know of any place near.

    Jody R.