Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Warm day, great kick

I skied Spring Road, then went on to C-Connector Rd. and descended into Big Bowl where I was breaking trail. Only Spring Road was broken out since last Monday's storm. I skied both the C-Connector Valley Trail as well as the upper C-Con Rd., breaking trail. Then I came out via D Spur and the conditions were good enough I did one more loop on Spring Rd/ C-Con/D Spur. Only a few post holes a few hundred feet in from the road. I had great kick today and I went off trail a few times and climbed some pretty steep stuff easily. A few people from the Canajoharie Snowshoe Club (CSSC) were on the trails.

Snow is in great shape, softened up with the warmth, no more powder, but there is more than enough snow for spring skiing. The C-North trail is the only one I saw NOT broken out in the southwest

Snow: 26", soft corn snow
Started at 10:30 around 32 degrees
Came out at 3:30 at 42 degrees
Skis: Fischer Snowbound Crown
Boots: Fischer BXC6 NNN-BC

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