Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Warm nights

Warm nights are good for growing tomatos, not for spring skiing. The North Loop Rd to Rockwood Lake and back is skiable, but the base is not what it could be. The base has softened up,--not mashed potatos just yet,--but it's easy for your tails to start dragging in it. The surface is wet corn snow. I went to Rockwood Lake and back and then skied part of the B Road and the nearby trails. Not a bad ski after work in only a light sweater and watch cap. The recent warm nights and lots of long and wonderful days of sunlight and warmth are tranforming the snow pretty quickly. Rockwood Lake is slushy with standing water near the shoreline. I didn't go on the lake as there were no tracks on it. In doubt, I avoided it. There's so many downed branches in the trails to be cleaned up this year.

Started 5 pm at 50 degrees
Out at 6:50pm
Skis: Fischer Snowbounds

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