Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Great new snow

Friday night into Saturday and squalls all day Saturday. Some great packing snow, a little on the dry side which made it silky under the skis.

Haven't been over to Rockwood yet.

Gloversville 4.00"   2/25/2012
Hoffmeister 6.00"   2/25/2012


  1. Hmmm .... trying this again.

    Paul, how is the base at Rockwood now, under this new snow?

  2. Hi Rich,
    When I saw Piseco and regions north were getting 4-6" out of the Friday-Saturday event, I skied the NPT south from Piseco to the Hamilton Lake Stream leanto. Great conditions up there now, about 18" in the woods. So, I haven't hit Rockwood since the storm. I can't say for sure how the skiing is there now. I would guess it's probably okay; I'm thinking of going Wednesday this week.

  3. Thanks, Paul. We're headed to the NPT south from Lake Durant tomorrow. It's our adopted trail, and we know it well. Seems like that area should also be pretty good. May try Rockwood later this week, depending what happens Wednesday/Thursday.