Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well, it's not frozen crud...

Today's rain and a high of 45 degrees softened up the cover; not so much the old ski tracks, which is good. The woods have 8" of old, soft snow and it's work to ski it; I was sinking and dragging tails. A ski with a wide tip and waist would be best for the untracked woods, like 80/60/70.

There is 4 inches in the ski tracks on the roads and trails, and it's still supportive. D-Spur and Spring Road have been roughed up by snowmobiles. Where I found old ski tracks on the lesser roads and trails, it was okay skiing. It's kind of dirty with branches and other stuff, old and very wet snow, but soft enough to still make tracks. Watch out if things freeze overnight, maybe later in the day is best. Bring the Red kick wax or the waxless skis with a good fishscale for above freezing temps through the weekend. Things will be best later in the day.

The parking lot is very icy. D-Spur is a mess going in. I climbed Camp Road Trail from D-Spur, went over to the chimney and then beyond to Rte29 and skied along the road to the east gate. I went back in and skied the trail leading to South Loop Rd, and then South Loop to D-spur and headed out.

4:30-5:45pm (dark)
Fischer Snowbounds and a sweater

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