Rockwood State Forest

Rockwood State Forest
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day Storm

Great conditions with 4" of new powder on the trails at 4pm today. Under that is 3" from last Friday/Saturday, with an old base of a few inches. Some downed limbs in the trails still need to be carefully skied over, especially when bombing downhill. By the time the storm wraps up, they will no longer be a problem.

Two skiers had headed in already when I arrived. Very nice skiing in their tracks and the old tracks still showing under the new blanket of snow. Snow? A real, honest-to-goodness 4" of new light, sharp-crystal snow! I didn't have great glide on the dry and new snow, especially when breaking trail, but that's just fine. I had great downhill runs though.

I skied D-spur Rd. to Spring Rd. and skied Spring past the C-4 Loop to the rarely visited Big Bowl. Climbed out of there and skied the Connector Valley Trail back to D-spur Rd. Skied up to South Loop Rd. and took that all the way east and out the east gate, then I skied the Forest Edge all the way back to the parking area. I was able to do a few tele turns of no beauty, I assure you, on the hill leading down to the parking lot. I felt good and skied D-spur again to beyond Spring Road, turned around and warmed down all the way out.

Started 4:30pm, ended at dark at 6:00pm
Skis: Black Diamond Polar Star, 3 pin set up.

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